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2011-07-11 04:59:06 by daisukeHiNgod

is there an age requirement in creating adult only animations?

i need two male actors, one to play the role of two guards (they each only have one line)
and another to play the role of the commanders voice over an ear piece communication device ( if possible made the audio clips for him appear over radio transmission, you know? a bit static.)
pm me for the lines i need if anyone is interested

still need voice actors

2011-06-25 22:37:19 by daisukeHiNgod

i'm still looking for voice actors, i have a script written, i need three guys and one other girl

is anyone interested?

change in my script, i need two guys too

2011-06-22 22:08:01 by daisukeHiNgod

at first i needed only two girls to be the voices, only because my friend was going to do the male voices, but now i need two guys who can do a tough gunner voice and a Halting guard or anything for that matter, see my last post to see whats up

thanx for reading

looking for volunteer girl voices.

2011-06-19 22:14:35 by daisukeHiNgod

its as simple as this, i'm doing a small anime fighting animation, and i need two girls to be the voices, preferably one with a tough dark voice and one that sounds a bit Asian fighter like. If not i'll deal with out, but i hope any females that do voice acting see this and like to help i'll pm the script or by email , im hoping to get this done soon.

thanx for you time in reading

at first i needed only two girls to be the voices, only because my friend was going to do the male voices, but now i need two guys who can do a tough gunner voice and a Halting guard or anything for that matter

thanx for reading

looking for volunteer girl voices.

Sticksmen overload

2011-04-25 21:23:22 by daisukeHiNgod

OK, who here likes a good thrashing or two? i do certainly. I love stick figures in combat, stick fights are awesome and cool, and don't take too much time to animate.... but... like good tasty chocolate cake, too much of it can be a bad thing. I feel that too many sticks are being jammed down my throat ( yeah , i know , try saying that without smiling ) this fattening over binge of stick men is making me kindda sick , i mean , i have nothing against this stick figure animations but its comes to a point where they all seem to bur into one. They all either have no story, they have a lone hero fighting 100 guys that each last 0.2 seconds in the fight or over do all actions. Im fine with stick figures being animated, for some reason they make everything better. BUT its when every 10 anims with stick figures, 9 of them are fights, or combos. i've also noticed that alot of stick figure animators are great effects animators, i wish that they'd do more abstract animating, because i know it would all be good. Xiao xiao was one or maybe the first stick figure animation series, and it was the greatest and will never be topped because its a classic. all that can be done, is to take what was learned from it and to build something new from it, but it seems all people want to do is copy from it,

all i am asking is for more innovation, originality and less random fighting-- its getting a little played out

(forgive me if i miss spelled or used wrong grammer)

lonely art

2011-04-19 23:54:51 by daisukeHiNgod

i feel some kinda way, my artwork has been up for over a month and only one of 'em has a comment, and a rating, i know i need to be patient but im feel like my art is being dissed , im not bad, i just like knowing how to improve or make things more interesting

preloading or no

2011-04-02 22:45:01 by daisukeHiNgod

i need to know if preloaders make much difference, i dont use adobe flash to animate, so i dont have the privilege to make preloaders or button. but i used adobe flash and know the program well enogh to make start and stop feachers. but since i no longer have adobe flash i can no longer make preloaders. the other day i read a comment on my animation that complained that the anim loops, but honestly , if it is, just hit right click and hit loop. but i need more opinions ...

Scouting art

2011-03-03 23:14:25 by daisukeHiNgod

i've recently, well not so recently posted a piece of my art work on the portal.
now im waiting for it to be approve, i guess. but its been up there for and least 2-3 weeks, im not being impatient the same thing happened when i put my first audio submission on the audio portal. im just curious about what they do for those that post the first of their submissions online, like are they searching the web for any too identical , and how long would it usually take? once again thats all i want to now, i just want opinions from people that don't know me personal so im anxious for it to be approved.

thanx for your time if you'd read this post bty

Just one simple question

2011-02-01 18:00:26 by daisukeHiNgod

How long does it normally take a audio clip of a new member (or any old ones for that matter ) of Newgrounds to be aproved, i just sent two in ;one today and yesterday. And im just curious howpatient i have to be